Tawau Gemok Hill - Tawau지도정보

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Tawau지도정보 Tawau Gemok Hill
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이름: Tawau Gemok Hill
중국이름을: 斗湖哥目山(原始热带雨林)
주소: Kuhara Road,10KM
전화 번호: +60 89 761833
팩스: +60 89 764004
업무 시간: 0800 ~ 1700
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Tawau Gemok Hill:

Situated 10 km from the city centre, Bukit Gemok Tawau(Gemok Hill) has recently become a popular spot for avid trekkers and Hash runners who love the challenge of varied terrain. Bukit Gemok is approximately 428 metres above sea level and is part of the Bukit Gemok Forest Reserve, covering 445 hectares. The hike begins with an easy trail of concrete stairs which eventually ‘disappear' and make way for natural ground. The uphill walk is fairly challenging, particularly for beginners. Watch out for rocks, bulging tree roots and the like. Some parts get steeper and more demanding, but the beautiful natural surroundings make it all worthwhile.Along the way there is so much to marvel at, such as the giant trees that seem to stretch endlessly to the sky and the elusive creatures that scurry about. There are seven huts along the way for walkers to rest and relax. After hiking for about an hour (depending on your fitness level), you will arrive at the Titian Selara canopy walkway. At 231 metres long, it is deemed one of the longest canopy walkways in Sabah. Your ‘struggle' to the top will be worthwhile once you get a glimpse of the breathtaking view of Tawau from this high up. The stunning scenery spans the town centre, the picturesque coastline and its surrounding areas. The trek down Bukit Gemok should take a shorter time, but be warned that the trail becomes muddy and slippery during the rainy season, so exercise extra caution. The forest reserve was developed in the early 1990s and is now equipped with basic facilities such as washrooms and rest huts along the trail. Any land vehicle can be used to get to Bukit Gemok. Just be sure to dress comfortably, drink plenty of fluids and get ready to soak in the majesty of the lush greenery along the trails of Bukit Gemok.

 당장 봐 또한  Tawau Hill National Park  MABUL ISLAND  sipadan-mabul resort  Mabul Island 
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Tawau Gemok Hill
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