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Name: Sung Siew Secondary School
Chi. Name: 双修中学
Address: Sung Siew Secondary School, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.
Phone: 089-213830
Opening hrs: ~
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Sung Siew Secondary School:

Sung Siew has its origin in the year 1907, it was founded by the late Rev. Yap Hyen Moo, who was commissioned by the Basel Mission’s Church at West Point in Hong Kong to station at Sandakan as the first cathecist school teacher. At first it was purely a Chinese school and known as the Basel Mission School. In 1910, a German pastor, Rev. Shie came from the Basel Mission in Basel, Switzerland and started the English section. He became the first principal. Since then, the school became known as ‘Sung Siew’ which means ‘Double Education (English and Chinese Language). Among a number of efficient and dedicated teachers at that time, the late Mr. Chung Yuk Fong (who was at one time the President of the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia in Sabah) was well known in his dedication to the school.

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Sung Siew Secondary School
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